What is the safest state to raise children? (2023)

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What is the safest state to raise children?

The HomeSnacks list of Best States to Raise a Family in America for 2022 is topped by Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire, Nebraska, and Iowa. It was Vermont's health and safety index and Maine's clean air and water, schools, and safety that gained each one its top spot.

What is the safest city to raise a child in?

Best Places to Raise a Family
Overall RankCityTotal Score
1Fremont, CA73.71
2Overland Park, KS71.35
3Irvine, CA69.78
4Plano, TX68.34
56 more rows
May 30, 2023

What state is the most kid friendly?

Finally, the Family Fun category gauged each state on things like the share of families with young children and the availability of attractions and recreation centers. Massachusetts once again topped the chart, helped by a second-place score in Education and Child Care, and a high Health and Safety score.

Where are children the safest?

  • Denmark. #1 in Raising Children Rankings. ...
  • Norway. #2 in Raising Children Rankings. ...
  • Sweden. #3 in Raising Children Rankings. ...
  • Finland. #4 in Raising Children Rankings. ...
  • Canada. #5 in Raising Children Rankings. ...
  • Switzerland. #6 in Raising Children Rankings. ...
  • Netherlands. #7 in Raising Children Rankings. ...
  • New Zealand.

What are the top 5 safest states?

Based on the number of homicides, the ten safest states in America are New Hampshire, Vermont, Wyoming, Maine, Rhode Island, North Dakota, South Dakota, Hawaii, Idaho, and Alaska. New Hampshire is the safest state in the US, with just 20 reported homicide incidents.

Where is the best state to raise children?

Best States to Raise a Family
  1. Massachusetts. According to WalletHub's study, Massachusetts is the best state to raise a family. ...
  2. Minnesota. Minnesota is the country's second-best state to raise a family. ...
  3. North Dakota. ...
  4. New York. ...
  5. Vermont.

Where do the happiest children live?

Children in the Netherlands are among the happiest in the world, research has suggested, and experts say that there could be a number of reasons why this is the case. A UNICEF report published last year found that children in the Netherlands had the highest sense of wellbeing.

Where is the best place to live with kids?

Our Rankings For The Best US Cities To Raise A Family
RankCity, StateDistinguishing Factor
1Brownsville, TexasLower cost of living
2Ann Arbor, MichiganHighly ranked public school districts
3Naples, FloridaLow crime
4Boise, IdahoFamily-friendly amenities
6 more rows
Nov 18, 2022

What is the safest place to live in USA?

Top 100 Safest Cities in the U.S.
3Lake in the HillsIllinois
6 more rows
Jul 12, 2023

What state has the best parental rights?

The Washington D.C.-based organization's latest Parent Power Index ranked the performance of all 50 states in 2022, and it offers a glimpse into which are fostering the most productive educational environments. Florida topped the list during the same year the Parental Rights in Education law went into effect.

What states matter for kids?

Matter makes up our planet and the whole universe.

On Earth, all matter exists in one of three main states: solid, liquid or gas. A solid can hold its shape (for example, water in solid form is ice). A liquid like water forms a pool: it flows or runs but it can't be stretched or squeezed.

Is Texas a good state to raise kids?

According to Harmony, Arizona and Texas stand far above the pack as the best places to raise a family in 2023. To establish appropriate rankings, Harmony assessed 100 of the most populated cities in America in critical categories: cost of living, crime rate, education, child care, healthcare, and housing.

What is the safest state for families?

1 best state to raise a family: Massachusetts. Massachusetts topped the list for the best state to raise a family. The New England state earned a total score of 66.14.

What is the safest place to life?

What country has the least crime? The GPI's “Societal Safety and Security” indicator measures crime rates, terrorist activity, violent demonstrations, relations with neighboring countries, political stability and displacement of refugees. Iceland holds the highest score in this category, followed by Norway and Japan.

Is the US a safe place to raise kids?

Thinking of starting a family? You might want to move away. The United States ranked 18th on the U.S. News and World Report's 2019 rankings of the best countries to raise children.

What US state has the lowest crime?

Maine has the lowest crime rate in America, with around 1.3 crimes per 1000 people. Like Vermont, the majority of crime is related to property theft, and there are very few instances of violent crimes such as mugging, assault, or murder.

What is the most peaceful state in the United States?

Maine is the most peaceful state in the U.S. for the 11th year in a row, Louisiana is the least peaceful. The Northeast continues to be the most peaceful region with three of the five most peaceful states. The South is once again the least peaceful region in America, with four of the five least peaceful states.

What states are affordable and safe?

Check out our list of the most affordable states to live in 2023!
  • Alabama.
  • Arkansas.
  • Georgia.
  • Indiana.
  • Iowa.
  • Kansas.
  • Michigan.
  • Mississippi.
Jul 11, 2023

What is the best state to live in financially?

North Dakota

North Dakota takes the cake as the best state in the U.S. to save money in. With the third lowest debt-to-income ratio in the country for Q3 2022—and the second lowest percentage of income spent on housing costs and rent—North Dakotans are able to keep more money in their pockets.

Which state has the best healthcare for kids?

Massachusetts is the best state in the nation when it comes to children's healthcare, according to a new ranking from WalletHub. The ranking looked at all 50 states plus the District of Columbia and compared 33 key indicators of cost, quality and access to children's healthcare.

Where is it cheapest to raise a child?

However, the absolute most affordable place to raise a child is Morristown, Tennessee. Couples with one child spend an average of $3,407 on housing than childless couples. The Santa Cruz metro has the most expensive additional housing costs for a child at $12,636 per year.

What size family is the happiest?

Grow your family to at least four children! According to a study out of Australia's Edith Cowan University, parents with the most life satisfaction (which means those who are the happiest) are those that have four or more children.

What type of family is the happiest?

In a study conducted by Dr Bronwyn Harman from the Edith Cowan University in Perth, it was found that parents with four or more children are the happiest parents.

Which country has the best behaved children?

Swedish children were the least likely to be violent and overall displayed the fewest social behavioural problems.

What state has the most fun things to do with kids?

Florida is among the best state to visit in the United States with kids as there are lots of fun things to do, especially Orlando With Kids. The attractions include museums, theme parks, beaches, and natural parks. There are many fun things to do with kids and memories to make that your kids will surely remember.

Where is the best small town to raise a family?

12 Best Small Towns in the U.S. for Families
  • 01 of 12. Gatlinburg, Tennessee. Sean Pavone/Getty Images. ...
  • 02 of 12. Beaufort, South Carolina. ...
  • 03 of 12. St. ...
  • 04 of 12. Kelleys Island, Ohio. ...
  • 05 of 12. Frankenmuth, Michigan. ...
  • 06 of 12. Carbondale, Colorado. ...
  • 07 of 12. Winona Lake, Indiana. ...
  • 08 of 12. Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin.
Apr 25, 2023

Where is the cheapest place to live in the United States?

In its report, Niche also ranked the cheapest places to live in the U.S. At the top of the list this year is Brownsville, Texas. Brownsville has been steadily rising in Niche's Lowest Cost of Living ranking over the past few years, placing number six in 2021, number three in 2022 and finally, number one in 2023.

Where is the safest small town in America?

June 13, 2023 – The website MoneyGeek placed Yorktown at the #1 spot in its new list of the safest small towns in the United States. MoneyGeek analyzed crime statistics by quantifying the cost of crime and ranking small cities and towns nationwide.

What is the safest big city in the US?

Honolulu was named the safest large city in the country this year, with the lowest per-capita crime rate in the country.

What city has the highest gun violence?

Our data placed St. Louis at the top of the list for the highest number of gun-related injuries per 10,000 residents in 2018 (18.6) as well as the highest incidence of gun-related deaths (9.1 per 10,000 people).

Who has the most rights over a child?

As a rule in most states, if the parents are not married, the mother is automatically given primary custody rights over the children. This means she has complete authority to make any major and minor decisions regarding her child's welfare.

What states force you to take care of your parents?

The states that have such laws on the books are Alaska, Arkansas, California, Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Dakota, ...

What is the best child custody?

Joint Legal Custody

This is the type of custody the courts prefer to rule on, as long as it's in the best interest of the children. The benefit of joint legal custody is that the children get to grow up with equal influence from both parents.

What are the 3 matter states?

There are three states of matter: solid; liquid and gas. They have different properties, which can be explained by looking at the arrangement of their particles. This is the theoretical temperature at which particles have the least amount of energy and the slowest movement.

What are the 5 most common states of matter?

Solid, liquid, gas, plasma, and Bose-Einstein condensate are the five states of matter. 2. what are the 3 states of matter? Solids have a defined volume and shape and are generally hard.

What is solid state for kids?

A solid is a state of matter that maintains its own shape instead of conforming to the shape of its container. If a piece of ice is placed in a cup, it does not flow downward and take on the shape of the cup, as liquid water would do. Instead, the ice keeps its own size and shape.

Why are families moving to Texas?

Texas has become a highly sought-after destination for those seeking a fresh start, thanks to its thriving economy, affordable cost of living, education opportunities, diverse culture, and pleasant climate. From family-friendly cities to a vibrant sports scene, the Lone Star State has something for everyone.

Is Texas a safe place to raise a family?

Even though Texas's crime rates are higher than national averages, The Lone Star State boasts the second-to-lowest crime rates in the West South Central region. Texas is below Arkansas, which has the highest violent crime rate in the region at 7.1 incidents per 1,000 people. Texas has 4.6 incidents per 1,000 residents.

Is Texas worth moving to?

Warm and tax-friendly, living in Texas is a great idea. With many diverse cities and endless job opportunities, Texas is a popular destination for young professionals, families, and retirees. Compared to living in Florida, Texas is slightly cheaper and just as warm as the sunshine state.

What states are the not safest?

What are the Most Dangerous States?
  1. Louisiana. Louisiana is the most dangerous state in the U.S. Louisiana ranks 47th for Financial Safety and 49th for Emergency Preparedness. ...
  2. Mississippi. ...
  3. Texas. ...
  4. Arkansas. ...
  5. Oklahoma. ...
  6. Montana. ...
  7. Alabama. ...
  8. Florida.

What are 10 safest states?

Top 10 Safest states in America with the Best quality of life – 2023
  • Maine. Best for: lowest crime rate in America. ...
  • New Hampshire. Best for: most tax-friendly state. ...
  • Vermont. Best for: Lowest property crime rate. ...
  • Connecticut. Best for: Variety of job opportunities. ...
  • New Jersey. ...
  • Pennsylvania. ...
  • Idaho. ...
  • Rhode Island.

What state has the best education in the US?


Massachusetts has the best-ranked public schools in the United States and is the second-most educated state, just behind the District of Columbia. About 90.40% of Massachusetts adults have a high school diploma, and 42.90% have a Bachelor's degree or higher.

What is the safest city to go to?

  • Reykjavik. Last Year's Ranking: Not Ranked. ...
  • Copenhagen. Last Year's Ranking: Not Ranked. ...
  • Montreal. Last Year's Ranking: 1. ...
  • Amsterdam. Last Year's Ranking: 2. ...
  • Seoul. Last Year's Ranking: 15. ...
  • Singapore. Last Year's Ranking: 4. ...
  • Tokyo. Last Year's Ranking: 3. ...
  • Berlin. Last Year's Ranking: 9.
Feb 7, 2023

What is the safest place to live weather wise?

Anchorage is the safest place to avoid natural disaster in the entire United States. It ranks in the top 1% of the country for its low risk of hurricanes, tornados, drought and cold or heat waves. It also has the lowest risk index rating for lightning, landslides and strong winds.

Who has the lowest crime rate in the world?

1. Iceland. Iceland, the land of fire and ice, is also the safest country in the world according to the Global Peace Index. With a low homicide rate, low level of violent crime, and limited access to small arms, Iceland is truly a peaceful country for its residents and visitors.

Where is the best city to raise kids?

Best Places to Raise a Family
Overall RankCityHealth & Safety
1Fremont, CA2
2Overland Park, KS17
3Irvine, CA1
4Plano, TX3
55 more rows
May 30, 2023

Is Florida safe to raise children?

When it comes to the best place to raise a family, Florida comes in near the bottom — at least according to one new study. The Sunshine State came in at No. 32 on a list created by WalletHub, falling far below states like Iowa, New York, Illinois, Washington, California and Maine.

What state has the best stay at home moms?

Mississippi, Delaware and Texas have the most stay-at-home parents in 2021. Iowa, Minnesota and Maine have the fewest stay-at-home parents in 2021. District of Columbia has seen largest increase of stay-at-home parents since 2019. California has seen largest decrease of stay-at-home parents since 2019.

What states favor fathers?

Best States for Working Dads
  • Massachusetts.
  • District of Columbia.
  • Connecticut.
  • Minnesota.
  • New Jersey.
  • Rhode Island.
  • Wisconsin.
  • New Hampshire.
Jun 14, 2023

Which state is cheapest to live?

The cheapest states to live in are Mississippi, Oklahoma, Kansas, Alabama, Georgia, Missouri, Iowa, Indiana, West Virginia, and Tennessee. Mississippi is the cheapest state to live in in the US, with a cost of living index of 85. The second cheapest state to live in is Oklahoma, with a cost of living index of 85.8.

What state is the happiest?

Top Ten Happiest States in the U.S.
  1. Hawaii. At the top of the list is Hawaii, which ranked first overall with a score of 69.58. ...
  2. Utah. Utah is the second-happiest state in the United States. ...
  3. Minnesota. ...
  4. New Jersey. ...
  5. Maryland. ...
  6. 6. California. ...
  7. North Dakota. ...
  8. Iowa.

Which state has the best hospital system?

Massachusetts ranks first as the best state for hospitals in the United States. Massachusetts is home to some of the best hospitals in the country such as Massachusetts General Hospital and Brigham and Women's hospital.

Which children's hospital is the best in the US?

U.S. News & World Report released its Best Children's Hospitals rankings for 2023-24 on June 21, with Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center earning the top spot for the first time.

What state has the best government healthcare?

Hawaii is the top state for healthcare, according to U.S. News & World Report's annual best states rankings published May 2. The overall state ranking is based on 71 metrics across eight categories, including healthcare, education and economy.

How do I decide where to move with kids?

Parents are likely to factor all of these things into their final decision, so let's take a look at why they matter one-by-one:
  1. Home Size. ...
  2. School Ratings. ...
  3. Neighborhood Amenities. ...
  4. Shopping and Entertainment. ...
  5. Number of Children in the Neighborhood. ...
  6. Backyard Size.
May 25, 2017


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