Which city in the U.S. has the best quality of life? (2023)

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Which city in the U.S. has the best quality of life?

The Best Places to Live for Quality of Life in 2023-2024 are: New York City. Providence, Rhode Island. Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky.

Which city in the US has the best quality of life?

Here's how editors said the magazine determined its picks: Analyzing the 150 most populous metropolitan areas and evaluating several factors including job prospects, affordability, growth and quality of life. Topping the 2023-24 list: Green Bay, Wisconsin.

What city is #1 quality of life?

Vienna Austria

What state has the best quality of life in the United States?

Washington state has the highest quality of life in all 50 states. The state has no income tax, a thriving job market, and great international business opportunities.

What is the number 1 place to live in the US?

Best Places to Live in the U.S. in 2023-2024
  • Green Bay, WI.
  • Raleigh & Durham, NC.
  • Naples, FL.
  • Portland, ME.

What is the #1 best city in America?

1 best U.S. city to live in is Cambridge, Massachusetts—see which other cities made the list. Niche released its list of the best U.S. cities to live in 2023.

Where do the happiest people in the USA live?

Cities across the United States vary greatly in their environment, income, citizens' overall well-being and community. For 2023, California dominated the list of the happiest cities in America, while Fremont, California, topped the list for the second year in a row.

Where is the USA in the list of quality of life?

Quality of Life Index by Country 2023 Mid-Year
CityQuality of Life Index
United States172.99
United Kingdom164.19
1 more row

Where has the best quality of life?

Top 10 Countries* with the Highest Quality of Life, early-2023 - Numbeo
  • Netherlands (196.7) Denmark (194.7) Switzerland (193.6) Luxembourg (192.9) Finland (190.5) Iceland (187.5) Austria (185.8) Oman (184.7) Australia (183.0) Norway (182.7)
  • *The full data for each list can be seen in the table further down this page.

What's the best place in the world to live?

The best cities to live in the world, according to a new report
  • Geneva, Switzerland (tied) ...
  • Calgary, Canada (tied) ...
  • Zurich, Switzerland. ...
  • Vancouver, Canada. ...
  • Sydney, Australia. ...
  • Melbourne, Australia. Overall rating (out of 100): 95.1. ...
  • Copenhagen, Denmark. Overall rating: 98. ...
  • Vienna, Austria. Overall rating: 98.4.
Jun 22, 2023

Which US state has the best work life balance?


What are the top 5 healthiest states in the US?

The richest states in the US are New York, Massachusetts, Washington, California, North Dakota, Connecticut, Delaware, Alaska, Nebraska, and Illinois. The richest state in America is New York, with a GDP per capita of $96,502.

Which state has the best future?

If you're looking for a place to settle down in the future, head west to Utah, which was recently ranked the most “forward-looking” state in the U.S. by Gallup.

What is the safest city to live in the US?

Top 100 Safest Cities in the U.S.
3Lake in the HillsIllinois
6 more rows
Jul 12, 2023

What is the most livable city in the United States?

1 San Francisco, California

San Francisco tops the list of AARP's 2022 Livability Index, and it has the credentials up its sleeves.

What is the better city in USA?

The most overweight and obese US cities

Based on overall score, the McAllen-Edinburg-Mission metro area of Texas was the most overweight city in the United States. In comparison, the Denver-Aurora-Lakewood metro area of Colorado was the least overweight city.

Which American city has the best culture?

New York City

The cultural capital of America and one of the great cultural cities of the world.

What is voted the best city in America?

Charleston, South Carolina, has once again charmed Travel + Leisure readers, winning the top spot in the 2023 World's Best Awards' favorite cities in the U.S. category for the 11th year in a row. Last year, the South Carolina city earned a coveted spot in the WBA Hall of Fame.

What is the happiest and healthiest city in America?

Researchers analyzed 350,000 interviews conducted in 2015 and 2016 to rank 189 communities by physical, emotional, financial, community and social health. Naples came in first for the second year in a row, followed closely by other metro areas near the ocean, like Barnstable, Mass. and Santa Cruz, Calif.

Where do people live happier?

Finland: For the sixth year in a row, Finland is the world's happiest country, according to the World Happiness Report.

What state has the happiest residents?

Top Ten Happiest States in the U.S.
  1. Hawaii. At the top of the list is Hawaii, which ranked first overall with a score of 69.58. ...
  2. Utah. Utah is the second-happiest state in the United States. ...
  3. Minnesota. ...
  4. New Jersey. ...
  5. Maryland. ...
  6. 6. California. ...
  7. North Dakota. ...
  8. Iowa.

Where do Americans live the longest?

1 state for a long, healthy life: Hawaii. It's not surprising that Hawaii landed the number one spot as the best state for longevity. The Aloha State's life expectancy at birth is 80.7 years, which exceeds all other states and is three years longer than the national average.

Which country has the best healthcare system?

Healthcare System Performance Ranking

Key findings: “The top-performing countries overall are Norway, the Netherlands, and Australia. The United States ranks last overall, despite spending far more of its gross domestic product on health care.

Why is the US the best place to live?

America has always been a leader in science, research, technology and innovation. This is still the case today. So if you want to be at the forefront of new developments, then there is no better place to be.

What is the best city to live in the world 2023?

Once again, Vienna topped the index, with Copenhagen and Melbourne coming in second and third respectively. London was ranked 46th.

What country has the best value of life?

1. Sweden. Sweden is the top country in 2022 best quality of life rankings. The country stands out in the ranking of quality of life for health systems and well-developed public education, security, economic stability, and politics.

What is the best country to live in as a woman?

Some of the best countries for women include Norway, Sweden, Finland, Canada, and Iceland. These countries have low rates of gender-based violence, high levels of education and healthcare, and robust laws that protect women's rights.

Where is the cheapest place to live?

In its report, Niche also ranked the cheapest places to live in the U.S. At the top of the list this year is Brownsville, Texas. Brownsville has been steadily rising in Niche's Lowest Cost of Living ranking over the past few years, placing number six in 2021, number three in 2022 and finally, number one in 2023.

Where is the best place to live 20 years from now?

Gallup analysis shows that the West North Central, Mountain, and Pacific regions are likely to be the best areas to live in 20 years, based on the strong economic, health, and community foundations they are building today.

What country has the best future?

Based on macroeconomic growth indicators and citizen-centricity, the United States, Norway, and the United Kingdom have been ranked the top three countries, demonstrating high future growth potential, according to the 2022 edition of Frost & Sullivan's Frost Radar™ for Economic Development.

Which US state is the best for work?

But these ten states are America's best places to live and work in 2023.
  • Connecticut. A runner crosses a bridge amidst autumn colors in the woods. ...
  • (tie) Massachusetts. Huntstock | Disabilityimages | Getty Images. ...
  • (tie) Colorado. ...
  • Washington. ...
  • Oregon. ...
  • Hawaii. ...
  • Minnesota. ...
  • New Jersey.
Jul 14, 2023

What state has the highest job rate?

States with the Highest Employment Rates
  • South Carolina. South Carolina has the highest employment rate in the United States of 97.7% (an unemployment rate of 2.3%). ...
  • Utah. Utah is tied with South Carolina for the highest employment rate of 97.7%. ...
  • Vermont. ...
  • North Dakota. ...
  • Colorado. ...
  • Alaska. ...
  • Mississippi. ...
  • West Virginia.

Which states work the longest?

Alaska is America's hardest-working state, with men putting in 44.7 hours a week and women 37.3 hours on average. Jobs that call for long hours are common, largely thanks to Alaska's oil and natural gas industry.

What is the unhealthy state in us?

West Virginia tops the list of states with the least healthy populations, while Hawaii ranks as the state with the healthiest residents. Nine of the top 10 least healthy states are located in the South, including West Virginia, Mississippi, Kentucky, Alabama, Arkansas, Tennessee, Louisiana, Oklahoma and South Carolina.

What is the #1 healthiest place to live in the US?

San Francisco, CA

San Francisco is officially the healthiest city in America.

What is the happiest healthiest state?

Hawaii is the top state in Gallup's National Health and Well-Being Index, released on Wednesday, for the seventh year in a row.

What state has cheapest cost of living?

The cheapest states to live in are Mississippi, Oklahoma, Kansas, Alabama, Georgia, Missouri, Iowa, Indiana, West Virginia, and Tennessee. Mississippi is the cheapest state to live in in the US, with a cost of living index of 85. The second cheapest state to live in is Oklahoma, with a cost of living index of 85.8.

Which US state has the strongest economy?

California is by far the biggest state economy in the U.S. at $2.9 trillion in real GDP—and when comparing its nominal value ($3.6 trillion) with national GDPs worldwide, the Golden State's GDP would rank 5th overall, just below Germany and Japan.

What is the top state to move to?

And secondly, they are also states where housing is more affordable and available than in parts of the country that lost residents. The states that attracted the most new residents in 2022 are Florida, Texas, North Carolina and South Carolina, followed by other states in the South and West.

What is the safest state to move to?

New Hampshire stands out as the safest state in America, with only 20 homicides recorded in the state. This makes it one of the most secure and peaceful places to live in the country. New Hampshire has a relatively low crime rate, with a lower number of property crimes and violent crimes per capita than most states.

What is the safest city to raise a family?

With all that taken into consideration, WalletHub ranked Fremont, California, the number one city to raise a family in 2023. Fremont ranked first overall in both Education and Childcare and Socioeconomics, as well as the second overall spot in Health and Safety ranking.

Where is the safest small town in America?

June 13, 2023 – The website MoneyGeek placed Yorktown at the #1 spot in its new list of the safest small towns in the United States. MoneyGeek analyzed crime statistics by quantifying the cost of crime and ranking small cities and towns nationwide.

What is 3 of the most livable cities in the world?

2022 results
7 more rows

What is the most livable city in North America 2023?

Vancouver has firmly cemented itself as North America's most liveable city, as it placed fifth in the Economist Intelligence Unit's Global Liveability Index of 2023. For the second year in a row, the city has placed within the top five, but this year, it beat out Calgary for Canada's most liveable city.

What are the top 3 US cities by population?

New York City, NY (Population: 8,622,357) Los Angeles, CA (Population: 4,085,014) Chicago, IL (Population: 2,670,406) Houston, TX (Population: 2,378,146)

What is the best state to live in 2023?

Top three states to live in
  • Massachusetts came out on top as the best state to live in, with a total score of 61.67. ...
  • New Jersey came out on top as the second best state to live in, with a total score of 61.48. ...
  • New Hampshire came out on top as the third best state to live in, with a total score of 59.32.
5 days ago

Where is the best state to raise a family?

Massachusetts was crowned the top state to raise a family in, followed by Minnesota, New York, North Dakota, and Vermont. New Hampshire checked in at sixth on the list, while Connecticut ranked 10th, Rhode Island ranked 11th and Maine ranked 16th. Mississippi was ranked the worst state to raise a family in.

What are the worst states for crime?

State or Territory2020
Incidence CountViolent Crime Rate
38 more rows

Where is it 70 degrees year round in the United States?

While temperatures fluctuate throughout the year in most U.S. states, there are few states with warm weather that see averages around 70-degree weather year-round. These states include Arizona, California, Hawaii, Nevada, and New Mexico.

Which US city has the happiest people?

According to a new study by WalletHub. The happiest place on Earth might be Disneyland to some people, but apparently, the happiest city to live in is Fremont, California.

What is the number 1 healthiest state?

Hawaii ranks as the healthiest state with a final score of 79.4. It has the lowest PM2. 5 Annual Average Concentration and a relatively low obesity rate. However, it has a high percentage of adults who get less than 7 hours of sleep and a high percentage of binge-drinking adults.

What is the most comfortable city in the United States?

These are the most livable US cities in 2023, study finds
PlaceMetro area2023 ranking
CambridgeBoston Area1
ArlingtonWashington, D.C. Area2
The WoodlandsHouston Area3
NapervilleChicago Area4
15 more rows
Mar 25, 2023

Which is the best place to settle in the world?

The best cities to live in the world, according to a new report
  • Geneva, Switzerland (tied) ...
  • Calgary, Canada (tied) ...
  • Zurich, Switzerland. ...
  • Vancouver, Canada. ...
  • Sydney, Australia. ...
  • Melbourne, Australia. Overall rating (out of 100): 95.1. ...
  • Copenhagen, Denmark. Overall rating: 98. ...
  • Vienna, Austria. Overall rating: 98.4.
Jun 22, 2023

What state has the most comfortable weather?

  • California may just be the state with the best weather in the United States!
  • California boasts over 3,000 hours of sunshine annually. ...
  • Rainfall is usually brief and localized, ensuring you'll find sunny skies just a short drive away.
May 7, 2023

Where is the most comfortable weather in the US?

1 city with the best weather in the U.S.? Honolulu, Hawaii. Honolulu took the top spot with an average annual temperature of 77.7 degrees. While the city endures an average of 93 rainy days per year, it also averages 90 sunny days and zero days where the temperature dips below freezing.

What state has the best 4 seasons?

Indiana is a great choice for those who wish to experience every outdoor activity that comes with each season. Indiana has a nice mix of rural, suburban, and urban centers, which helps to balance it out from the rest of the country.

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